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7th November 2014
Welcome to Andy Nicholl’s website
“I love work - I could watch it for hours”, goes the saying. And for a large part of the last 30 years I’ve been paid for doing more-or-less just that.  My work as an occupational hygienist involved visiting an extremely interesting and wide range of different workplaces, taking measurements of airborne dust and vapour concentrations, noise (occupational and environmental), vibration levels of tools and vehicles, and air movement in ventilation systems, together with carrying out risk assessments in these various fields, giving advice and solving problems.  

I have now retired (properly this time), and so I am no longer carrying out noise and vibration surveys or taking on litigation cases, although my company remains in existence for the time being.

As part of my retirement I am selling off a lot of my noise and vibration equipment.  Except where stated, all of this is in good working order and much of it has been kept calibrated for its lifetime.  More details of this on the For Sale page.
Apart from the pages and sites listed, have a look at the website of the Institute of Occupational Medicine, Edinburgh, who were my employers from 1976 to 2005.

The IOM originated in the late 1960s as part of the National Coal Board (later British Coal) Medical Services, and became the world leader in occupational lung diseases, particularly in those days pneumoconiosis or ‘black lung disease’ of miners.  IOM set the standards for airborne dust exposure in the world’s mines.  Further research led on to the effects of asbestos, glass and ceramic fibres, carbon black and other pollutants on the lungs and other organs.

The IOM is also at the forefront of the research into the health effects of nanotechnology - particles so small that they can penetrate individual cells of the body and nestle in there (see the pictures on the IOM site).